Planetary Mixers LT.80-100-120-150-200-250-300

PL16 80 - PL16 100 - PL16 120 - PL16 150 - PL16 200 - PL16 250 - PL16 300


CONTI is a leading company in the production of planetary mixers. A reality that continues its business tradition with concepts of high quality, reliability, versatility.

This planetary we present is: power, great practicality and sturdiness. Machines with mechanical transmission of the planetary movement of industrial design, suitable for continuous work shifts. With gearmotor in oil bath and tank lifting with double column and worm screw with gearmotor.

Main features:

thick machine structure
total excursion of the tank
coaxial reducer in oil bath
eccentric in food aluminum
18/10 stainless steel tools
18/10 stainless steel tool mandrel shaft with triple locking
tank mounted on stainless steel wheels
side and front guards for maximum safety
speed variator with two types of  VE or TS comands

Technical notes


model PL 80: cm 108x110x206h / Weight: kg.895
model PL 100: cm 108x110x206h / Weight: kg 915
model PL 120: 108x110x206h cm / Weight: 935 kg
model PL 150: 108x110x206h cm / Weight: 1000 kg
model PL 200: 110x120x215h cm / Weight: 1100 kg
model PL 250: cm 130x145x240h / Weight: kg 1225
model PL 300: cm 130x145x240h / Weight: kg.1325

Digital speed variator with Plc, “VE” version:

variation of revolutions from 30 to 130 rpm
1 digital timer 0.99 minutes, with memory

7 ” color Touch Screen speed variator, “TS” version:

bowl rpm variation from 30 to 130 and 3 pre-selected speeds from 35-70-120 rpm
machine status messages in 4 languages
4 digital timers with memory from 0 to 99 minutes

All machines are equipped with 1 bowl and 3 tools (spatula, whisk, spiral)

The options are:

Reductions 80-100-120 liters for larger versions.
Bowl scraper in stainless steel + food resin
Increased product insertion hopper
Structure in stainless steel


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